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conservatory in the snowBenefits of Conservatory Air Conditioning

Most conservatories are under-used: for large parts of the year they are either too cold or too hot. One solution for the 'too cold' would be radiators, but they can do nothing to cool you down. Air conditioning systems allow you to achieve a constant temperature in your conservatory, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory cost-effectively, all year round.

The systems installed are asthetically sympathetic to your conservatory and operate at low noise levels.

Unlike radiators and underfloor heating, air conditioning provides near instant temperature environment. Electric fan heaters can provide the same temperature achievements, but would put a large dent in your pocket.

Energy Efficiency — Saving you Money!

Based on electricity costs of 12p per kWh, your total annual running costs should be under £150, based on a conservatory of up to 4m * 4m; a small price to pay for allowing you to enjoy your conservatory 365 days a year.

Fully installed in 1 day!

Virtually all Blue Mountain conservatory air conditioning systems are installed within 1 working day. We start your installation in the morning and you enjoy your conservatory that same evening.

5 Year Warranty (non insured) — Giving you peace of mind!

All our air conditioning systems come inclusive of a full 5 year manufacturers parts and labour warranty, giving you peace of mind. This is subject to annual maintenance inspection, the cost of which would be from £132.00, inclusive of VAT, depending upon the number of units installed.

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